Electric Service Technologies

Customer Testimonials​

What our customers have to say about our service.

  1. “Best Electric has provided the highest quality professional services. Their complete inspection & treatment of our customer’s wood poles always surpasses our expectations,. They are non-intrusive and do not interfere with the operation of the business. Their reports are clear, concise, complete and easy to understand. They have become an important part of the services provided by Burns Corporation.”
    Dennis A. Burns President Burns Corporation
  2. "Best Electric has performed exemplary work when testing Peru Utilities electrical system poles. The knowledge of the staff and the professionalism they show is an asset to the industry. They are a company that can be trusted to perform the work they are assigned without constant supervision from the hiring agency."
    Mike Walsh Planning Engineer Peru Utilities
  3. "Best Electric inspected 200 utility poles in my Industrial Facility in the Toledo Area. All work was performed in a professional manner with no interference to plant operations and no safety issues. Best identified 5 poles that need to be replaced. I look forward to working with Best in the future."
    Mick Jaros Electrical Engineer
  4. "Village of Haskins is a small municipality in Northwest Ohio serving about 500 meters. During construction of a room addition to one of the few businesses our community has, the base of a primary pole was exposed. Extensive shell rot and groundline decay were obvious and needing attention. It was challenging finding a company that was willing to travel or interested in working with a small village. BEST not only was willing but prompt and professional. In just a couple of weeks from initial contact they assessed the damaged pole, surveyed the rest of our system and designed a pole tagging plan. Pleasantly surprised with the bid BEST submitted Haskins was proud to have them arrive and begin work. Repairs to the damaged pole were completed the first day followed by the inspection and tagging of 200 more poles all completed quickly and efficiently. Following the work a timely report of each poles inspection, the new pole number and alerts to danger poles. Being a small village with limited resources and manpower BEST saved a tremendous amount of labor, planning and expenses. BEST work allowed Haskins's electric system to increase in safety and reliability faster than we would have ever thought possible. Thank you for all your hard work."
    Kevin Norman Lead Lineman Village of Haskins