Electric Service Technologies
BEST "More than a name it's our Goal"
We are a utilities contractor that specializes in the inspection and treatment of wood, steel and concrete utility poles.  We have over 55 years of experience in the industry and maintain an impeccable safety record.  We are licensed, insured and CPR certified.  We offer complete groundline, internal, external and overhead inspection.  Some other services that we offer are:
  • Internal and External treatment
  • Reinforcement (Trussing)
  • Padmount Inspection
  • GPS Services
  • Inventories
  • Groundwire Repair

  1. Ralph Stout - Field Manager
    Ralph Stout - Field Manager
    [email protected] 260-571-5611 Over 30 years experience in the industry
  2. Eric Stout - General Foreman
    Eric Stout - General Foreman
    [email protected] 260-571-5855 Over 25 years experience in the industry
  3. Tina Stout - Office Manager
    Tina Stout - Office Manager
    [email protected] 260-571-2168 Over 15 years as an office manager
  4. Katie Stout - Safety Manager
    Katie Stout - Safety Manager
    [email protected] 260-571-1545 5 years as a safety manager
The staff at BEST

  • Are Safety First Professionals
  • Are CPR Certified
  • Always seek continued education in the industry to keep up with changing standards
  • Are Goal oriented and flexible with the customers needs in mind
  • Maintain a professional and uniformed apperance at all times
BEST Electric Service Technologies was founded with the thought that SAFETY is always first.

BEST "More than a name it's our goal"  

Safety - Make it a Habit

At BEST we strive to provide each employee with a safe work place, free from any recognized hazard.

  • All injuries are preventable.
  • No job is worth risking injury.
  • Working safely is a requirement of employment.
  • Management is responsible for providing a safe work environment.
  • Every employee is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment.
  • We believe working safely is good business.
  • Safety is led by management but is the responsibility of everyone.
  • Respect must be shown for customers, land owners, fellow employees and themselves at all times.